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Looking through window



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I was driving a car and looking through the window. It was a nice hilly area. I was driving car slowly. My vision is blurry so it took me around 10 minutes to get home from hotel, but then my dad drove us back there after dinner. The road was clear and no traffic jams. We could expect that it will take one hour to the destination. On this day, we entered at 9 am in hilly area. We were feeling that hills are alive. Pleasant silence all around. A gentle breeze was flowing. We stayed there for two days, and this is the very first time I’ve ever been inside a room with adequate windows. My dream of an interior living space remains intact as it has remained in our minds since childhood.¬†Food was good and sleep also. Should I tell something about flowers of garden?

Porters Lodge, Castle Hill, New Zealand, you can stay too.