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Nature is providing an abundance of food and medicine and valuable materials. Most of the plants that are, we consider invasive were brought by people as foods and medicines so this is the empowerment. I think is really important is realizing that our main health care provider is ourselves. The more we learn and discover about ourselves, the more we learn about nature. Nature has aromatic qualities and if a plant has aromatic qualities, that means it has medicinal qualities. Those are the smell of chemicals that you smell and those are very potent chemicals sometimes they could be millions of chemicals combined and the plant is very intelligent in why and how it’s creating those chemicals!

There is a call to Return to Nature

You can see that nature is full of spice, how as a society can we turn our idea as vegetable and look at weeds as vegetables. It’s local, it’s free, it’s organic it’s sustainable it doesn’t require a lot of farming, it doesn’t require a lot of water when we live in a suburban area, the urban area where there’s so much pollution. Something like dandelions is a cleanser, it’s a blood cleanser, it’s a kidney cleanser it’s a liver cleanser, the plants that come up naturally are already foods and medicines. I think we need to develop a mixture of gardening as well as harvesting the weeds as well as allowing these weeds to grow, once you have that connection it gets inside of you.

In nature, light creates green. In the body, green creates life.

Adopt the pace of nature

Dave, Naturalist

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