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Listen to understand, not reply



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Listen to understand, not reply. You will learn a lot. This week we were talking about how many of us are living without power in our home or building because the weather has been so bad that it is unsafe for someone to come out and turn on their light! So why do these families need an electricity company? We had started on the topic of the necessity of electricity and how to source that?

I’m a talker, and most of the time come into conversations trying to learn something from others. In general, I believe people are happy to talk to me, but I do get distracted, not by technology or devices, but by stories that I remember.  The first year of college I was a bit confused by the idea that anything can be learned at all, but since then I’ve found it fascinating because every step leads directly back into an earlier stage.  

He thought that I like listening, I’m really good at taking in what people say and developing their thoughts. The problem is then talking. I think I’m really weird in that aspect that I would much rather listen to someone talk about a topic and learn from them than interject my own ideas into a conversation. I came to this trying to learn how to hold a conversation with someone, but this for the most part isn’t what I needed. I need the other end of the spectrum for advice. I need to learn how to talk more. I’m not trying to lessen what she said, I still think this helped me a lot and I’m gonna try using her tips. Idk, I guess this is what being an introvert is like.

Listen to understand, not reply. You will learn a lot. Be prepared to be amazed.