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An update of the Light-room app for iPhone and iPad resulted in the loss of photos and presets for many users. The problem has now been fixed by Adobe – but the lost images cannot be recovered.After the update to version 5.4 of Adobe’s Light-room app for iOS and iPad, users reported inOnline-Forum  and on Reddit  and complained about deleted photos and presets. In the meantime, Adobe has confirmed the problem. “We know that some customers have photos and presets that are unrecoverable. We sincerely apologize to all customers who are affected by this problem, ”said a statement.

Only locally stored photos and presets were affected. Anyone who had synchronized all of the images with Adobe’s cloud service at the time of the update was spared the loss of images. Meanwhile, Adobe has released another update for the iOS and iPadOS versions of Lightroom. Although the update fixes the bug introduced in the previous update, it does not restore photos that have already been lost.

On Reddit and in the official Adobe support forum, some users are angry about the incident. Especially since some of those affected apparently use Adobe’s cloud function, but for various reasons did not have the opportunity to store all the images there beforehand. “I took several pictures using the Lightroom mobile camera feature to get RAW images that I could edit later. I was in the wild with no cell phone signal and my cell phone was in airplane mode, ”complains a user in the Adobe forum, for example.

Incidentally, some customers of the camera manufacturer Canon recently learned that cloud backups are not immune to failures . Between July 30 and August 4, 2020, its cloud storage for photos completely failed. Some of the photos stored there were also lost. According to the company, the reason was a software error.

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