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Life of Bruce Lee



Bruce Lee
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A book about life of Bruce Lee. Some of the pictures of Bruce Lee are unpublished and you will get some of those in this book. He was a film legend and a perfect martial artist. With his hard effort, martial art become a global asset. With his view, a bridge was made between eastern and western countries. He was an Asian but also an American.

He died at age of 32. A very early age. A very shocking news as because his body fitness was highest and remarkable. Thousands of rumor and gossips are there about his sudden death. Journalist and bestselling author Matthew Polly has written the definitive account of Lee’s life. This book has a complex portrait where you will find facts about his family, friends circle, business arena, enemy, social life and even Beti Ting Pao whose bed Lee died.

Bruce Lee started his life as child star in Hong Kong. Bruce Lees father was an opera player and also had an opium addition. Lee also suffered in his early life which kicked him out of school. He was send to America. There he become a teacher of James Coburn and Steve McQueen, movie star. Slowly he made her carrier in movie and made himself famous.

Death of Bruce Lee is still a mystery. You will find an in depth analysis in this book. Lot of books has been written about Bruce Lee’s death. However prediction of truth is a difficult task and you will find that prediction very closely.

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