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Learning is an affected area – COVID -19



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Children’s are our future. They will educate themselves for taking challenges of future world. However, COVID -19 slowed that prospects a lot. What is the monitory impact for a non educated children who will be a citizen of future and will be a burden of civilized world?

Learning is well marked affected area as an impact of COVID-19. Teachers are in off from school and all learning are off. Students are learning so much more in personal effort. However some of them are sleeping in home by observing favorite movie. Seventy percent of collages are planning to resume in person classes this fall in USA. The white box campus will likely look very different pace university in New York. Still grappling with the decision what we’re looking at is changing the way. Mission one three hundred forty five private colleges and universities are at risk of closing or merging over the next several years. This year, high school seniors have applied for college financial aid assigned coronavirus. The rolling the dice on campus realty could see that okay temperatures at the door. But on the other hand, we’ve limited the amount of gas that could come into the facility but some worry the push to make money comes at the cost of public health. Restrictions are being lifted new hot spots with significant spikes in corona virus cases are emerging in the hard way.

We donot want to see learning at cost of death. As such we need vaccine and fastest is welcome. That news is important for us.