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When you learn to swim, you will struggle at first, but soon you will find that you already know most of the skills you need to survive. The best way to achieve this kind of full immersion is to study and think about study, and once you understand that you can survive, you will learn even more. I believe in immersion as a method of language learning, because it immerses you in the English language even when you are not studying, so you are surrounded by it. With a little effort, we can find ways to take the immersion ourselves at home, and before we know it, we speak English like a local and understand everything. As you may have seen in some of my studies, articles, and discussions, videos on this topic, there is always one word that pops up: “immersion” when it comes to the most efficient way to learn a new language.

As a teaching method, immersion means teaching in a foreign language, but it is also a method of learning. In the meantime, immersion in the context of games means immersion in the virtual world which do not have existence. In the meantime, we can immerse ourselves in our daily lives from home. Spanish can be practiced by repeatedly trying, which means that we take our learning seriously on a consistent basis. In the meantime, we do not have to give up on the ways in which we can enjoy our studies without the feeling that we are studying. And finally, one of the best ways to learn a new language, topic, the idea is to listen to podcasts, and if you commute ten minutes or an hour, there is nothing better than listening to music, news, or a podcast in English. It is important to ensure that you focus most of your attention on what you hear, rather than passively listening, in order to truly benefit from your language learning time. If you change the language settings of the phone, TV, or tablet you use every day, you get the repetition you need to immerse yourself in a language. This will not only improve your listening comprehension but will also help you expand your vocabulary and learn more common phrases so you can hear what people are taking out of context, on the street, or at regular day-to-day events. This kind of immersion will help you broaden your vocabulary and allow me to speak much more fluently and learn mistakes that I would not have been able to make if I had only learned French in my country. I can make more confident expressions because I understand that making mistakes and repeating things correctly is the best and only way to learn a language. Of course, taking a French course is one of the first things you need to do to practice in the context in which you want to learn.  I always use examples from my everyday life to explain grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. You may know that in addition to online courses, General Business English is also taught to adults who come to London for intensive courses of one to three weeks. There is no doubt that immersing yourself in the language you learn by spending time in another country will improve your language skills immeasurably. You will not only improve your language skills but also gain a cultural context for this language. The benefits of studying abroad are even greater if you learn a language in a country with native speakers. You can immerse yourself in English in a classroom or anywhere in the world, but you can no longer learn English on the bus, in the shop, in the café or in parks. 

The best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in a culture that speaks English, and it helps to deal with the language on a daily basis. If you speak English well (and there is no doubt about that), this tip is easy to follow, especially if you study in places where it is the most commonly used language. They can also study in schools, hospitals, colleges, universities, and other public institutions, as well as at home. 

On the other hand, you may be in a country where the local language is completely different and therefore more difficult to learn. This opportunity should be seen as a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn a new language. Don’t worry, immersion is the quickest way to learn almost any language, and English is no exception. By immersing yourself, you can sign up for a paid English-language integration program, use the many online sites that focus on hearing and speaking the English language, or move to an English-speaking country and learn to speak it yourself. It will take some time and you will go crazy if you try to memorize the grammar, but if you are able to have basic conversations in the local language, you will improve your everyday life and significantly improve your experience abroad. Live with your dream and start swimming with that dream.