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Lake and valley



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It was New Zealand that day. I woke up very early on Monday morning and drove to see a new place. I drove to see a nice green tree in the distance. The clouds are easily coming into the hills. They were hiding behind the hills. The nature was playing inside. I was fascinated to see the nature play inside. The place was only 75 km away from my hotel Melbourne. Seeing the mountains is not new to me. I have seen many mountains and once lived inside the mountains, but I have never seen such a game of cloud ever.

I sat for a long time. There was a wonderful silence on the shore of the lake. From a distance I could hear the sound of birds floating. I could hear the sound of the sound coming from the back of the hill.After lunch I sat down with the burger tips in my backpack and cold water. After seeing the wonderful view, I left for my hotel Melbourne again.