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Job loss



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Employment depends on the scarcity of persons for certain task. If there are lot of skilled person for a certain task, one day you may lose the job. You can assume that, with course of time, lot of skilled person will be developed and your chances will increase to lose the job.

Young’s are more energetic and can give better performance than you. Salary of youngs are less costly. Each year lot of people get promoted with better salary, but remember separate a portion of your salary for emergency time meet up. Job responsibility, task-production skills, task-related social skills, and personal-social skills can vary time to time. There are lot of factors to trigger your job.

Always keep open another window. That will help you to switch your position to another umbrella. Please remember, rain definitely will come in your life. You need plenty of umbrella with different color and also different places. job loss, even if there are no clear ways of measuring how likely it is to happen. The problem also extends beyond social media – many people who lose jobs due a technicality get lumped into “technical job losses”. If your experience with discrimination leads you towards this conclusion then here’s some advice: don’t apply yourself until you have done so on behalf (or against) someone else first. It will probably be hard but applying ourselves before anyone asks us about our past experiences may help avoid further misunderstanding and resentment later.

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