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Is there a way we all become happy?



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It’s a call to action. Nobody can’t change yourself except you. There’s just no such thing as ‘I am.'” For this reason, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what makes someone who is different from society — and therefore worthy to feel empathy for — unique. That seems like an obvious question: Is there a way we all become happy are by letting go? The more we judge people the less time we have to love them.

1. Avoid: Attack, misbehave, blame, complain, gossip, punish, judge.

2. Feel that: Vulnerable, judge ourselves, low self-esteem, feeling of rejection, self-doubt, fear of failure and disappointment, feeling of a victim like nobody cares or loves me.

3. Awareness: Being vigilant, being mindful, observant, we stop, pause, wait and be conscious and WAIT (What Am I Thinking ). Observe the person and wonder why is she behaving in such a way.

4. Find out: Detect our own behavior, being self-aware, we know who we r, we know what we want, we know where we r going, we r not afraid to speak our truth but we know our boundaries, we r powerful, here we grow we r free and become our full power, we become assertive but not aggressive. At no1 we lose our power.

5. Show: Display empathy, compassion, understanding, putting our egos in the back seat, listen to people and care for them, embrace other reality, another perspective, other diversity, being tolerant, and what is important for the person sitting before us and to stay connected.