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Technology is changing rapidly and iPhone manufacturer Apple also. Apple will release a new model of iPhone that is iPhone 12 in the upcoming fall of 2020. There is a big change in the display, the dimension of the phone, and also the pixels. will be reached with a lot of apps and a lot of other facilities. iPhone 12 is expected to cost less than the previous model. Apple’s iPhone 11 presently has become the world’s most popular mobile phone. The Selling rate is high and it is about 19 million times in comparison to the selling of the first quarter. While 13.5 million copies of the iPhone XR were sold in the first quarter of 2019, Apple got rid of its iPhone 11 19.5 million times between March and April 2020, according to Media data. Despite a 40 percent drop in sales of the smartphone market during the corona crisis, Apple was able to sell six million more units of its iPhone 11 than the iPhone XR in the same period last year.

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