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iPhone 11 – Apple has introduced three model



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With the iPhone 11, Apple has introduced three models, creates great attraction among Apple fans. Apple recently launched the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max . Especially the iPhone 11 should be very popular as a successor of the iPhone XR.  The iPhone Pro Max is slightly thicker and heavier than its direct predecessor. This may be due to the longer battery life (more below). In addition to well-known color variations in Space Gray, Silver and Gold, the Pro Max is also available in Nightgreen. It is striking that this year’s model on the back is based on a dull instead of the very smooth surface of its predecessor. Not only does it feel good, but it also makes sure that the device does not become self-sufficient when you do not use it when you drop it. In the previous year’s model, the smartphone itself has slipped down from supposedly even surfaces more often. In addition, the material is now less vulnerable to fingerprints. The most noticeable change in the design is also shown on the back, where instead of two now three camera lenses are arranged. The way in which Apple housed the cameras in the case was quite controversial in advance. However, the three lenses in the test were far less intrusive than photos of the device suggest.

Apple itself gives the iPhone 11 Pro Max as long as five hours longer battery life. In this manner, the new top model holds in ordinary use for our situation, at last, an entire day through. The somewhat bigger battery, which just because checks the thinning pattern in iPhones for a thicker case, in the mix with an improved proficiency of different parts introduced and the end of highlights, for example, 3D Touch is dependable.

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