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Introverts are great thinkers



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First, he must hold rational values, and to do this he must be a thinker.

Introverts are great thinkers. They have deep observation power. We make them feel awesome and loved, allowing us to open ourselves up to opportunities beyond our immediate worries and fears. Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social they just have no tolerance for drama & fake people. Introverts can understand all reality deeply and can take nice decisions. They feel that trying to be social is like trying to breathe underwater.

Introverts have a lot to say. We just choose who deserves our thoughts. There are a lot of ignorant people out there. You got to pick who is worth having conversations with. I think I am both. I am an extrovert when I have to be. I use my energy to stimulate introverts.

Everyone always tells introverts to step out of their comfort zones and speak up, but no one seems to ever tell extroverts to tone down a bit and make the ‘zone’ more comfortable. Honestly, it’s so true. I’ve always been introverted, and find it super hard to make friends and be accepted into social environments, so it makes it that much harder when no one seems to value who you are. Sometimes people are mistaking introversion for shyness/social anxiety.

Introvert peoples are creative and can change the world with creativity. In their work, they find ways to express themselves, make changes in society and also communicate ideas directly without words.

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