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Instagram was doing some research on a new way of monetization and The first advertisement will come in IGTV videos in the coming June. There will also be a donation button in the live video. Video makers will be attracted to destination Baton because after releasing the video they will earn more. Influencers can have a variety of ways for making money from Instagram. #is very popular on Instagram and one can find easily irrelevant topics by searching through hashtags. From June, there will be advertisements at IGTV, as Instagram reports. 55 percent of the proceeds will go to the creators, as Instagram COO Justin Osofsky told The Verge. In the future, users should be able to pay directly for live videos. or the time being, Instagram is working with 200 selected English-speaking influencers and advertising partners. Gradually, there should be more. In this first phase, Instagram primarily wants to gain experience.

The ads should appear when users click on the preview of an IGTV video in their feed. They should be a maximum of 15 seconds long. Over the year, Instagram also plans to test the option to skip the ad. Influencers are a great asset of Instagram, they influence a lot of pictures, events items of Instagram and make that place lively one. Instagram is also introducing a way to support influencers directly. If you watch a live video, you can pay the creators with one click using so-called badges. A small symbol appears next to the user name, which invites you to buy the badges. In March there were 70 percent more live videos on Instagram than in the previous month, Instagram writes. Because of the corona crisis, fitness courses or concerts were moved to the platform. Lotto fitness videos are essential nowadays, staying at home over they can see this video do the activity in the home and can maintain their health in a better way.

Instagram is a very popular network and each day 5 million photos and videos are shared by the user. More than 40 billion photos and videos are visible on Instagram.

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