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The dark mode is becoming a popular mode. Chrome has the facility for changing the website theme and can switch back with one click. It has the advantage to reduce eye stress in low light condition. Facebook messenger has dark mode toggle. Nowadays apps are releasing focusing dark mode and light mode. The mode also can save time for professionals.

Instagram is going to get a dark fashion. First participants in the beta test program report such a feature in the Android version. The dark mode is synonymous for users of older Android versions come. Dark fashion is surely the big thing right now. Slack, Gmail, Facebook Messenger or Firefox already entered in dark mode era. Android 10 and iOS 13 also have the option on board. But not all apps support dark mode. Even Whats-app users will probably have to wait for more time. For this, Instagram is currently testing a dark fashion, Android Police reports. Accordingly, the option for the dark screen in the official beta version is included.

Dark mode in beta

A redesign or other new highlights, the testers have not discovered 9 to 5 Google. The only new feature supposes to be the support by Dark Mode. In order to activate the dark mode in the beta version of Instagram, Android 10 users only need to set the system-wide dark mode. The Instagram app then turns dark automatically as well.

According to the testers, the dark option has a largely black background from which the information, buttons, and logos stand out in white. The Instagram sections Direct Messages and IGTV also support Dark Mode. But apparently not everything is running smoothly. For example, the status display, including the time and battery icon, appears to be hidden when the app is called up. That should be cleared out in the coming official version.

Dark mode on Instagram

Other testers report that dark mode is not activated on them even though they have the appropriate beta version installed. The tests seem to be extensive, but by no means all-encompassing. So far, however, observers believe that dark mode will not only run on Android 10 but also on devices with older OS versions. However, it seems so far mainly to Samsung smartphones with the in-house Night Fashion act. There, too, the dark mode is activated on Instagram, as it is said.

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