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In order to discover a product, one has to have an inquisitive mind. Only when the image of a product is clear in one’s mind, can get the right knowledge about that product. Excellent process of search and discovery although initially, things peek inside the mind to create the reality of the process and concentration of mind and body can give a shape. We need to think about whether the product is useful for everyone or not, whether it is for the benefit of the common man, whether there is any harmful side of the product, or whether there is a best effective side.

We need to think about whether the product we produce is effective for human welfare or whether it is not in the common interest. We are late in making the COVID-19 vaccine again because it was not in our minds, there was no research on it, people never thought what they might need, we are running out to solve the problem.

Concerned individuals can be hired in this regard as it requires specific skills. We see a lot of new mobile sets every year, we see new cars and we see a lot more interesting things, everything is the result of the tireless work of the designer’s mind. We must always remember that the solution to any product design must be economic that is positive for the sustainable people and, above all, beneficial.

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