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Industrial pollution



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Industries and factories are producing required commodities for us but on other side has huge impact on environmental pollution. Half of the pollution impacts came from industrial activity related to production. This is due to emission of toxic chemicals in the environment, gas emission and producing non-environmental commodities. Ecosystem is becoming imbalance and aquatic lie, wild life are affected massively. Toxic chemicals contaminate water and as such growth rate of corps are affected and fish, birds also . Carbon dioxide and methane are directly contributing temperature rise which creates our global worming.

Half of the pollution impact came from industrial activity related to production.

We are observing rise of water level in sea, as such ice is melting. Every year massive flood observed all around the world. Hurricanes are common in southeast Asia. Loss of human life as well as imbalance echo system is becoming a common phenomenon. Cholera, plague, malaria, lyme disease are routine matter to some of the countries . Chemicals are coming from industry with radio active material and creating cancer to nearby people. Contaminated water has impact on marine life. Breeding rate of fish is going slow. Acid rain is increasing and destroying corps . Respiratory disorder is observing to old age people significantly. Corps productivity become low and exposure to inorganic arsenic creates tumors in some of the affected area.

The trains which are using diesel engines are creating pollution. Statistics found almost 30,000 death in a year in UK due to air pollution. Locomotives pollution level is higher than car.

We are observing green movement since long ago. Individual and businessman feel’s better to have a green movement logo in his daily life or business. But individual effort’s are very less to make our world “green”.

Some of the industries has somehow managed pollution law and doing production. Pollution control board are also reluctant to enforce law. As a result, sufferings of common people increases.

How to prevent this industrial pollution? Energy efficiency products needed to adopt for making our life simple. The loss we are counting from industry need to be compensated by other means.Rules required for optimum production from industry. Alternatively green living habit will help us to handle the situation in a better way. We can do smart garden, we can use LED light, avoid plastic products, can increase energy efficiency units, adopt water efficiency in irrigation system and much more. We need to change our mind for a better contribution. Alternative of fuel is necessary. This phenomenon guide us to green energy. Fuel stock of world is decreasing day by day. Time has arrived to find an alternative fuel solution.

We need to change our mind for delivering a better contribution.

Updated technology is essential for prevention of pollution however there are many companies and plants who are relying on outdated technology ! Still old buses and locomotives are running.

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