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Ignorance about social distress, health and nutrition



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Many people have a higher incidence of heart attack among high scholars. This is not correct. According to the survey, the prevalence of heart attack among the educated and wealthy people is decreasing in the present world, but among the poorer people. But if you look at the middle and lower classes, you can see that among them:

(1)The prevalence of smoking is very high among the lower classes. (Up to 5% share)

(2)They are not aware of food at all. Because of their lack of knowledge of proper nutrition and financial uncertainty, they are unable to accept proper nutrition.

(3)They are also not aware of physical care or exercise, and after work or daily routine, they come home for long periods of rest or spend time watching TV. As a result, their physical labor is not completed.

(4)Their economic condition is very bad because of the urge to travel. Especially in the middle-class family, they only rely on one person. Men have severe mental stress because of their high responsibility and the family population.

(5)Middle-upper and lower-income families have a higher tendency to eat fatty foods, especially beef and fat. Another reason for the tendency to eat beef – this meat is somewhat cheaper and tastier than chicken or pork.

(6)Most of the people who are currently living in the middle or low income families, have spent their childhood either through low nutrition or malnutrition. As a result, they probably did not have as much of a blood vessel formation as they did, and with age, smoking gradually reduced them to other heartburn and emotional stress.

(7)The risk factors for a heart attack include high blood pressure, diabetic rag, excess fat levels in the blood, etc, they should be taken regularly with regular medications. But most of the time, for the economic woes, common people do not take regular medication. As a result, their blood pressure is high all the time, and no more urine rage is controlled. The blood vessels in their heart soon become thin and subsequently become a heart attack.

(8)A study conducted in one of the 4 patients hospitalizations found that heart attacks occur in the middle class. Not only that, the tendency for heart attacks to start after 50. Although the number of smokers is lower in the middle class than the other two classes (high and low).

(9)Malnutrition and smoking while in the womb are most responsible for causing such an illness in the future.

Studies have shown that if a mother lacks nutrition during pregnancy, and children who are born with a normal birth weight are more prone to develop heart disease.

Prevalence of heart attack among the educated and wealthy people is decreasing in the present world.

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