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If schools are safe



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How to make a safe school place during pandemic? We need a deep think on this. The question is not how do we deal with the problem of mass immigration, but what are we doing about it that can’t be done by just pouring resources into schools and forcing everyone out? Education is backbone of a nation. So problem of school cannot be dealt like mass immigration.

We had observed that parents were denied permission for their children’s first classes in school during pandemic. If education was so important to children they would vaccinate the teachers first! That’s not, economy is. You cannot put teachers in a difficult position without giving them the vaccine. The situation that we are currently in requires approaching problems from different perspectives, in the education sector its not been easy to adapt to a new way of learning through online classes because were used to having prudential classes and having a teacher in the classroom who can organize different activities for us to learn in a better environment.

During Covid-19, one of the most affected area is education. In 2009/10, 57% (11.1 million) of children under 5 live in deprived areas and 43 percent lived below poverty line with 56 out 25 groups reporting no confidence or lack assurance that their schools would provide adequate quality educational opportunities for all students.

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