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If I Could Meet Anyone In History, It Would Be



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Some of the great people have passed away. You and others need to look at what we’re doing in the world now — looking at things like peace, war, diplomacy, and global recession? Sometimes people feel that he could get a chance to ask the man who passed away. I also have some questions in mind.

Who would you want to meet if you could?

Ernestine, last research was what is the role of God? He has a lot of discovery and why he did not finish his last research? Well, I would like to meet Father Merton. He was an amazing man and a close friend of the country. You took a long time deciding to leave law. Why? I had been at home raising my family. I was speaking to someone who was always encouraging me, saying, All you need to do is do the right thing. There is no alternative to truth. When you’re ready, you’ll know it.’ And then I met Francis at the bar association. I did the right thing, and I went into public service. Do you remember any of your favorite stories about your dad? The one I remember most was when he said he had learned some big words as a farmer in Kansas. So he came up to me, and he said, ‘I have a lot of words. And you have to learn them.’ He actually started saying the words.

What would you want to discuss?

The only reason I’d want to talk to them is that I’d want to know my potential. I have tried a lot in life but why I failed? I had followed their words but found a great misfortune. To the extent that there is any hope of survival, we must find possibility in God’s grace.

What would you ask them?

Why they did not unlock mystery and truth in full. As I have done my work on the matter correctly, why the circumstances were not changed? A very important thing happened recently after my breakfast, what is the cause?  

What would you say?

I would say: we want people that love us. We want people that don’t want to live here, but they do it because of the world economy and opportunity. We want people that want to live here but don’t want to be abused. We want to preserve our world. My response to that is to look at what we’re doing in this country and say, “What we need to be looking at is not the politics of fear.” We need to be looking at what’s going on in Europe. There is an entire continent that doesn’t have a functioning government. What’s the opposite of separation of church and state? Religious control. It is mind-boggling. We need to be looking at, “If it’s not working for the whole world, it doesn’t work for the whole country.” And that will tell us how we fix it.

What would you do?

I would find a way to have people register, so they don’t have to have a long process, or they just say, “I want to take care of my children.” I can tell you it takes a long time for people to get it through the system. And people don’t always want to do it. If you could meet anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be and why? Well, I wish were still alive so I could have asked him how he felt about the Freedom Of Choice Act. You know, I would like to ask Mahatma Gandhi, “What did you think about peace and war?” I would ask President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “Was the war was necessary ?”


Every journey starts with one step nonreturnable. We’re walking a very important path, and we must remember to keep the faith and to remember where we started. The fact is after departure everybody is unable to talk back.

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