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Icelandic fishing vessels



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he total catch of Icelandic fishing vessels amounted to just under 90 thousand tonnes in July 2020, which is 6% less than in July 2019 when the total catch of the fleet was 95 thousand tonnes, according to the website of Statistics Iceland . The value of catches in July, measured at constant prices, was 14% lower than in July last year.It is stated that the demersal catch in July was just over 31 thousand tonnes, but was just over 38 thousand tonnes in the same month last year, and the contraction is therefore 18%. The decrease was 6% in cod, 18% in haddock, 42% in saithe and 32% in redfish.

Pelagic catch was almost 56 thousand tons, which is 4% more than in July 2019. Mackerel is the largest species and the catch was 40 thousand tons, which is 5% less than in the same month last year. On the other hand, 88% more herring was caught in July and the catch was almost fifteen thousand tonnes.

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