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Hypertension problem



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Hypertension is a problem of older age but not unlikely at an early age also. The research found that learning to control psychological stress can create a positive impact on blood pressure. Happiness is another dominant factor in blood pressure. The problem of hypertension does not believe in gender discrimination. Men and women get attacked almost at the same rate. But women die more than men because of the complications of the problem. Although there are many doctrines why such a thing happens, the underlying cause is still unknown. However, death rates of men and women due to high blood pressure have decreased equally over the past four-five decades. Yet even today in this year of 2019, women are dying more than men being affected by different complications due to high blood pressure. The heart, kidney, and brain as target organs in hypertension.

Surprising information has been found in researches so far on the relationship of the increase of blood pressure with age. It has been found that those who have low blood pressure during the long years of transition from childhood to adulthood through puberty almost never get the complication of increased blood pressure. In addition, people who are slowly developing blood pressure from an early age tend to increase blood pressure as they get older very often. Any human being has much to learn from this tendency of blood pressure increase at different ages. If blood pressure is measured during puberty and occasionally in the following years, those who have a high risk of being affected with hypertension can be easily separated from others. Teaching young children who are at high risk to control their lifestyle (eating less salt, less fat, not being overweight).

Learning to control psychological stress, getting used to exercise or physical work, etc. will reduce the risk of hypertension at a mature age in any society. Although it is not always possible to avoid the increase in pressure, the severity of the increase in blood pressure will decrease. Complications like a heart attack would reduce. Children’s parents are more responsible than children in this regard. If the School health Programme is introduced regularly, scientifically and widely, the incidence of increasing blood pressure, its different complications will be much lower in the country like ours. Sadly, beyond the so-called ‘Health-Check-up’, there are still no regular scientific health check-ups in large schools of urban areas of this country. The responsibility of the School Health Program, which has recently been launched in some places in the joint ventures of village and health departments, is apparently devoid of accountability largely for the poor rural children of the ‘classless’, ‘open-spaced’, or ‘roofless’ schools in the villages. There is also the lack of well-wishes of the health workers and physicians in this regard. Sad, yet so real. The problem deserves attention.

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