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Hyper-stimulated state



hyper stimulation
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Do you have an overstimulated feeling? Body’s nervous system is stimulated by hormones which are caused by stress. Basically, all the hyper symptoms are created from stress and furthermore stress response hyper-stimulation. I have seen people who are sick and not getting better for a long time or people who are living in chronic anxiety with anxious life where they’re living prolonged. They feel anxiety as they are searching and where is the end of anxiety? They are a passenger with a flight of life focusing a battle to be won. Their nervous system is overstimulated, this has an impact on daily breathing. The mind becomes chaotic, and you finally create chaos in life. Problem-solving attitude has gone forever. As such, Steady flow of life will be hampered and the state of attention will be altered.

If the stress continues, adrenal gland initiates a state of chronic fatigue. If you suffer from anxiety, your brain will give intimation to your adrenal gland for release epinephrine (adrenaline) into the body. This is a state of body and mind that body may shut down. The sickness of the body is welcomed easily and mental health is parted. Depression, anxiety, irritation, memory loss, compulsive attitude, mood alteration are a common sign of stress.

On a long-term basis, excessive cortisol can destroy brain cells, which in turn creates  brain shrinkage.

The first step for getting relief from anxiety is to slow and deep breathing. If you are a kind of person that moves fast, talks fast breathe fast, everything is fast then you have the patterns of anxiety. You have to learn how to breathe deeply and slowly, the way your body is naturally meant to breathe. When we have an overstimulated nervous system it makes your breathing more rapid than it needs to be and that fires up our brain. As an outcome, we start constantly living in fear.

Lot of ways that stress can kill you. With increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone can destruct your life. Cortisol is a hormone, releasing during stress.

you can actually slow yourself down because your brain doesn’t know the difference if you slow and deep in your breathing and slow your words. You will become more present in your body and reverse the inflammatory chemistry that creates disease and prevents your body from disease.

Courtesy: Dr. Kim D’Eramo

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