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Human genome



human genome
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Human Genome

Nucleic acid sequence of a human is called human genome. This is encoded in DNA within 23 chromosome pairs. Jeans are made up of DNA and DNA. Human genome, the huge collection of genes inside each and every one of your cells. Your genome is the code that your cells used to know how to behave. Cells interacting together make tissues, tissues cooperating with each other make organs. Organs cooperating with each other make an organism.

Genome sequence

The first human genome was sequenced twelve years ago and was not easy task.  It took two decades to complete. Required the effort of hundreds of scientists across dozens of countries. And cost over three billion dollars. But someday very soon it will be possible to know the sequence of letters that make up your own personal genome all in a matter of minutes and for less than the cost of a pretty nice birthday present. Knowing the sequence of the billions of letters that make up your genome is the goal of genome sequencing.

Genome information

The genome is both really really big. To get all that information out of that tiny space scientists first have to break the long string of DNA down into smaller pieces. T. G. C. sequence of two pieces of DNA are exact opposites. They stick together. Because the genome pieces are very small, we need some way to increase the signal, we can detect from each of the individual letters. A mixture of the special colored letters and enzymes are then added to the genome were trying to read at each spot on the genome. One of the special letters binds to its opposite letter so we now have a double stranded piece of DNA. The sequences of each of these millions of pieces of DNA are stitched together using computer programs to create a complete sequence of the entire genome.Looking through a book written in a language, you don’t speak because you cannot recognize all the letters.

 The best advantage of genome pattern is to select appropriate molecular medicine, easy diagnosis disease, early prediction of health and apply gene therapy for complete cure.  “History repeats itself, in part because the genome repeats itself”.

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