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Huawei wants to save remaining customers



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Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, which has been hit by a major US boycott, is fighting for its last customers in the US in court: smaller network providers. Just a few days ago, the FCC regulator decided to cut back funding for US grid operators still working with Huawei . In contrast, Huawei has now appealed, as Bloomberg reports . Accordingly, Huawei complained that it had not been involved in the process.

In addition, the company continues to resist being classified as a national threat to the US. The US government accuses Huawei of spying for the Chinese government. In this context, the tech group has been in court in recent months several times. In addition, a marketing campaign has been launched to stop other countries from taking similar steps as the US. Huawei denies being an extended intelligence arm from Beijing.

In March, Huawei filed a lawsuit against the US government to crack down on a ban on cooperation on network expansion in the United States. The lawyers argued with a possible violation of the US Constitution . In Paris, the group complained against the presentation of a TV report in which Huawei were said to have close ties with the Chinese government. In Canada, the corporation tugged legal action against the authorities in December 2018 for allegedly arresting its chief financial officer in December 2018.