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How we can travel to the sun?



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How we can travel to the sun? How do we fly through space? The same question has been asked of many others, and yet none have ever managed a flight using rocket engines. The problem lies with not just how advanced our technology is; it also means that there are still hurdles facing those who wish more people would take up scientific careers such as studying solar systems or developing life-support technologies like artificial intelligence. The sun is the closest star to the earth. We feel light every day from the sun. It is the most important source of energy for life on earth. But the sun is so far away that it can never be visited by humans, moreover very hot. But what if we could travel to the sun? There are many ways to reach the sun. One way is to build a giant steam-powered rocket and fly into outer space. Another way is to take a really long time machine and go back in time.
While these two methods are very difficult, there are other ways to get to the sun. Traveling to the sun is impossible for a human being, but if you want to get as close as possible, you can use a space shuttle to travel to the sun. How close you can go to the sun? Your craft will be destroyed by heat.

The sun is the big ball of fire in the sky that provides life to the earth. It is the brightest object in the sky, and it provides the heat and light that we need to live. But while the sun is really close to the earth, it is still really far away. The sun is about 92,960,000 miles away from the earth. The sun is so far away that it would take you about eight minutes to travel to the sun at the speed of light.
It is too far away for us to walk there. Who would want to travel to the sun?
It sounds like a hard thing to do, but it can be accomplished.
One of them is Mercury. Venus is another planet that has the closest orbit to the sun. Mars is the third planet with an orbit close to the sun. Technology is developing every day. Once upon a time radio wave was a very surprising thing to us. Presently we use mobile technology and easily communicate with each other. It may be that future engineers come up with exotic solutions that allow travel to extreme places. We are waiting for new technology. But I think the reality is, there will always remain a place for flight vehicles in space soon.

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