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Have you ever hated your skin colour?



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Every human being come to this world willingly or unwillingly without having a choice to select certain parameters. Among the factors are parents, geographical location, dominant genetic code of his body, and much more. Some of the people migrate after attaining a certain age. This is due to his desire for the mind and prevailing situation. If he wishes, some of the factors he can change like his wealth, surrounding, friends, and much more. But one thing he can’t be altered is the genetic code. Skin color is among that list.

I had a friend in China. China is a naturally beautiful country and has a wide range of diversity.All we know about the body structure of Chinese. Their eyes tells us that they are chines. That fellow has two objections about his body. One is his eyes and another is skin color. His skin color was white and he feels that it would be better if his color would be yellow. There is a special cast in China whose skin color is yellow. Most chinese feels that yellow color is aristocracy and he is missing that.

I had a british friend. He was white and too much tall. I had a working relation with him and we together worked in a ship building project.While working, one day I was telling about him that he has a beautiful white skin with tall height. He was telling me that he married an African girl just to avoid tattoo white girl. To his eye, black is more attractive. I know that it is his personal choice and most of the white people will not accept that.He feels tattoo makes girls ugly.

I am a brown color guy. As my profession, I need to travel frequently. In one of my trip, I was in Paris. I was taking my launch in a restaurant. It was a launch time and nearby there was a college. Lot of college students are there for taking their launch too. I was very surprised by looking their beauty and color of skin. Lot of beautiful girls. I felt it was something different than white world. Every nation has his own identity to express beauty in someway.

Finally what I feel that, world is full of diversity. As diversity exists, we are beautiful. Every skin color has his own value. Only this value can be found if diversity exists. As such, my humble suggestion to you, accept yourself as who you are. Love yourself, your body, mind, sprit and skin color. You are a single identity in this universe and no duplicate exists.

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