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Hacker’s target on supercomputers



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Computers are now targeted by hackers all around the world. In the last couple of months various supercomputers situated in Europe have been targeted by hackers. German is one of them in the affected list. Some of the computers are forced offline. The detailed report is still not coming in full.

The hacking happened between past weeks and last months. It is a great concern about online security. Supercomputer carries the sensitive information of a nation including research, banking, personal information and much more.

In the case of Nemo, there are also indications of how hackers could have gained access to the systems. Some of the reports have arrived as the user account has been hacked. These accesses are usually secured using SSH encryption. At Nemo, the attackers are said to have managed to gain root privileges. Subsequently, further access data is in danger stage.

The investigation is going on that which data has been tapped.  Nothing is known about the motivation of the hacker. They are said to have been interested in research data on the SARS is not yet clear whether and which data – in addition to the access data – could have been tapped. The investigations are still ongoing. It is currently said that research data is unlikely to be stolen. Nothing is known about the motivation of the perpetrators either.

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