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Greenery was spectacular



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While traveling along with the coast, I was observing pure greenery. All the trees are pure and fresh. I feel the environment is full of oxygen. It seems to me that there are many different types for birds when it comes down from sea . I also had a great trip aboard this beautiful boat just outside of Auckland shore during April 2020. One day we stopped at a place called The Park of Auckland where people could see over 40 natural wonders all around them – some amazing on-lookers commented how impressive their sightseeing experience would be while walking by!

There are not even many things you can smell coming from beach but a plenty was there. That’s true; although most parts were still covered by small clouds but they’re gone now. “Yes,in a few months those will be cleared away completely,that way everyone won’t have any concerns anymore”. A place will full of oxygen and pure air. I loved the long road adjacent to greenery. Why not travel by car?

Greenland Suites, Auckland, New Zealand , a nice place to stay.