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Google pays almost 1 billion euros in tax dispute in France



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Earlier Google concluded his tax issue in Italy and the United Kingdom with good amount of payments. Also, the tax becomes a new dimension in France, however, a settlement has been done and taxes amounting to almost one billion euros reach a new opening. Google has agreed on a payment of nearly one billion euros in France to end years of tax collection. They will start with pay a fine of 500 million euros, as the national financial prosecutor announced on recently. Moreover, Google announced that the company would also pay 465 million euros in taxes. The French tax inspectors had come to the conclusion that so far tax was paid little in the country, on the other hand, a good amount of the revenue in Europe is booked through the European headquarters in Ireland. The 500 million euro fine that comes from Google France and Google Ireland came in a settlement. The investigation was started in the year of 2015 through The French Public Prosecutor’s Office. As part of the investigation in the spring of 2016, the Google offices were searched in Paris.

Justice Minister of France Nicole Belloubet and Budget Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin appreciate the outcome. This puts an end to all ongoing litigation regarding the taxation of Google in France, they said. “Completing this affair shows that financial justice now has effective tools to fight against tax evasion,” Belloubet said.

The way that examinations concerning an organization end with such an understanding have just been conceivable in France for a couple of years – in view of a law from 2016. Comparable understandings have been conceivable in the USA for a long while.

It is one of the highest-paid of tax in France. In Italy, the company had settled similar investigations in 2017 with a payment of 306 million euros. It was mainly about the years 2009 to 2013. In the UK, Google paid 130 million pounds in taxes the previous year.

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