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Google launches Publisher Center



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Media is now a days very strong. Everyday millions of content is generating and also popular to common people. We love taste of news and varieties of content. Our world is not only limited with happenings but much more focused with technological development, environmental issues, space possibilities, new invention and much more. With the new Publisher Center, Google is bringing together its News Publisher Center and News Producer services. It should make it easier for publishers to manage and play their news.Google has announced the launch of the Publisher Center . The new service replaces the News Producer tool and the Google News Publisher Center and brings them together centrally. With the new tool, publishers should benefit from an increase in user-friendliness and more functionalities.

The new Publisher Center gives publishers new ways to “customize” the identity and look and feel of their publication, according to Google. For example, light and dark logos should be easier to manage to accommodate dark-mode features.Publishers who manage multiple publications can switch between them and enable notifications in the new Publisher Center. The new tool should also make working with colleagues easier. In addition, URLs can now be referenced directly instead of RSS to configure sections of sites in Google News. The content for Google News is retrieved directly from the Web in the new Publisher Center, as in Google Search.

Everyday millions of content is generating and also popular to common people

According to the announcement, the new Publisher Center is initially available in English, Spanish, French and German. More languages ​​will follow shortly. Google provides help with the new service in the News Publisher Help . There, Google also explains what the new service is not doing. It is therefore not a content creation tool and not a content management system. Content must first be created on the publisher side and then downloaded or linked to the Publisher Center for post-processing. In addition, the new tool does not help with the creation of websites.

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