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Gene Silencing



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Gene Silencing

We need to regulate gene expression and as such gene silencing technology has arrived. It’s a regulation within a cell to prevent certain gene activity, which may cause disease or disorder. Scientist are trying gene silencing technology to prevent HIV, cancer or other painful disease. Another term of gene silencing is called gene knockdown, expression of gene is reduced. In some of the cases when gene is knockdown, its effect has erased. A gene knockdown mechanism is the mechanism used to silence the genes, such as RNAi, CRISPR, or siRNA, generally reduce the expression of a gene by at least 70% but not completely eliminate. Unknown disease are increasing day by day, as such gene knockdown mechanism is must.

In Gene silencing project, the first question is to ask yourself, are you looking to knock out or knocked down a gene?

Gene knockout

Gene knockout is a technique in which an organism’s gene made non functional. In other sense, it is knocked out. The technique is used to study that after knocking out how living being behaves. The study determines functionality of gene. At that point, it is easy to compare normal individual and knocked out gene individual. If double gene is knocked out we call this as double knocked out, as such there are triple and quadruple knock outs are exists.

Gene knock down

Gene knockdown is a research technique by which the functionality of one or more of  genes is deducted. The reduction can be done through genetic modification such as short DNA or RNA.

In the era of new disease like COVID -19 , it is time to study more in this area. As such, world will not be lock down rather disturbing species will be lock down.

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