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Freelancers – find relaxation in everyday life



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There is a need for “work-life balance” as freelancers use their man hour randomly. They don’t have any timelimit the only aim is to deliver the job. Recreation is must and need for activation of works. Self-employed, however, often do not dare to think of vacation. An alternative way is a must for that. You need a break a genuine break for your refreshment. Tell your friends too. And you have not done anything to your family for eternity. The job eats you up. You are giving your valuable time for jobs. But vacation? This is not thinkable at the moment. “For freelancers, unavailability is particularly linked to existential fears,” says business coach Bernhard Juchniewicz. “The result: You mean you can not afford a break.” From the constant standby mode in which self-employed are, quickly result in a special form of workaholism. In the cards play the so-called workaholism that self-employed usually have no clear separation between working hours and leisure. The filing is done at the weekend, the next offer is calculated or the social media channels are maintained. Your workweek does not have 60 hours. “Freelancers believe they are indispensable in their job,” says Juchniewicz. “A change to recovery is extremely difficult for them.”

Freelancers usually stand in their own way. Instead of being responsible for the individual working life as “own boss” – in such a way that personal well-being is not neglected – self-employed are in many cases also their strongest impulses. Family and leisure time usually fall short in the first few years of self-employment. “The quality of the personal world of work is only questioned when negative effects, such as a relationship crisis or health problems, are already felt,” says Juchniewicz. Anyone who thinks that he has good time management because he can do a lot does not have good time management. “Self-employed people need rest,” says Juchniewicz. So prescribe vacation? Sure, there are many good reasons to say that you want to take a break from the job and drive away, to get away from it all and to enjoy new impressions without any worries. “But in order to remain truly efficient in the long term, high performers, such as the self-employed and freelancers, must learn to regenerate outside of their vacation,” says the business coach.

Relaxation and balance
Especially when a holiday is difficult to set up, rest in everyday life is crucial. Claudia Schuh, the owner of the communication consultancy zapato42, relaxes while cooking: “Meditative vegetable slicing and the good feeling of having something visual and tasty to do something sensual, that is a nice balance to the mental work.” So work and privacy are not blurred the counselor decrees a clear separation. You do well to work at home only in exceptional cases. “My home is a clear private haven for me,” said Schuh. “When I’m on the road, I consciously take time islands for work.”

Freedom can only balance you
IT Leader Coach and Editor of Life-Guiding Podcast, Olaf Kapinski, works and relaxes when it suits. “It can happen that I start at six o’clock and stop at 9 o’clock, but in between, I can walk for one hour with my dog ​​and take two hours for lunch, including a nap”. He’s only for office hours when it comes to bookkeeping. “The rest is flowing.” Many freelancers see this personal freedom – the freedom to work when and where they want to – as a great counterbalance to the often extremely heavy burden. “I feel that I can handle less regeneration because the day is less exhausting,” said Karpinski.

Psycho- relaxation

Business coach Bernhard Juchniewicz recommends four things in particular, with which self-employed and freelancers find rest in everyday life: Meditate. Daily meditation helps to calm the thoughts and to gain inner clarity and deep relaxation. Stay in the thing. Avoid multitasking and instead, be completely present-minded in what you are doing. This also applies to the time you spend with your partner and family. Sensory presence is an essential part of personal psycho-hygiene. Make a good habit of Sleep. A proven method for maintaining daily performance is power-napping – a short break from sleeping during the day. Studies have shown that brain performance increases after using this method. Recognize your stressors. Working with a professional coach, you can identify and work through your own personal stressors. Constant stress not only damages the heart and circulation but even makes it forgetful and uncreative. Constant stress prevents you from absorbing and processing new impressions. For an entrepreneur who is himself his most valuable asset, irresponsible. And then, when the well-deserved holiday is really put into action, you can enjoy it all around thanks to the learned behaviors.

The job eats you up. But vacation? Need to make a balacne for both of this.

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