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It is important to review your position as a businessman. This review will show you how your competitors are doing. We all know that everything changes over time but we are afraid to review self position in this change. The path of business changes over time. You can’t compete twice in the same place on the same river at the same time. You can only compete once. The change in your business is never fixed, of course, it is variable and there are different types of parameters for this change. New technologies have been discovered in the world and more and more new technologies are constantly being added. A successful entrepreneur adapts himself to this innovation or new technology in a very smart way.

People want to forget the past but reviewing the past especially in business is very important to know what happened in the past what was decided and what went wrong there. We need to know whether the level of error is high or low and what decisions had been made as a result of that error which has resulted in economic loss. You will never succeed in business if you donot know the error.

Errors of business, economic analysis and future plan determines where is your business curve. If you can discover yourself at a certain point in some where, then assume that you can move forward by correcting mistakes.

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