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Everything happens for a reason in everyone’s life



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“Everything happens for a reason” is something you might hear from others or say yourself. But what does it really mean? Some people believe it means that God has a plan for them. Others might say that there’s a reason everything happens in your life. Is there any truth to it?

There are many reasons why bad things happen to good people. The continuation of life is transformation. Basically, we do not know what is the transformation of life. Some things happen because of the decisions we’ve made, and others are just a consequence of our decisions.

In the material world, we have seen that all activity is based on science. Force, motion, heat, electricity all follow a law. But when we come to the human world (body, mind, spirit) we do not know the exact law. The law of the universe is attraction. You must apply this to your life. I realized that I should stop being so negative and stop feeling sorry for myself. I am going to make the best of my life because everything happens for a reason. It all comes to be happen only when you are determined and focus on your goal.