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Europe strengthens response



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Corona virus is spreading and Spain is hoping to win the war. Police were among the first to be tested, but in case of medical workers, a large number of those testing positive. Health worker need to be protected first. In Madrid where an ice rinks being turned into a makeshift morgue, full hearses arrived on Thursday.

The death toll has risen to more than four thousand overtaking China. Still Europe’s worst affected country, the data have been temporarily stored in churches before being sent for cremation by army truck. In a deserted European Parliament chamber the commission president urged Europeans to show solidarity. It is time for solidarity to E. U. countries including Germany and France.

It is very true that everybody need to share this responsibility, none of country can do it alone and certainly no member state can handle this crisis on their own.

EU need to help each other in this crisis and need to work close to shoulder to shoulder to extinguish the crisis. In Paris health workers are conducting drive through testing in the streets. France’s death toll rose by twenty eight percent on Thursday. Tracing the spread of the virus is vital for controlling it, President macron is one of several world leaders joining G. twenty talks remotely hoping for a global approach to the pandemic.On the same conference call the Russian president Vladimir Putin believes Russia can defeat the virus in less than three months with tough measures. The country will suspend international flights from Friday a Moscow will close all shops accept pharmacies and grocery stores a day later.

In the UK the British vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has joined a growing number of technology companies developing ventilators base as work to convert to massive exhibition hole into an emergency hospital continues in east London. Main problem is with pregnant woman as they are helpless. How this family will run homework plan?

 Scientists are warning many countries in Europe the worst is yet to come.