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Fortnite developer Epic Games has engaged in an unequal duel with Apple and Google . The result: Google has removed the popular game from its Play Store.

Epic Games has decided to provide an additional payment option for its game Fortnite in the Apple and Google app stores. This option made it possible for users to obtain the in-game currency for Fortnite directly from Epic Games and not to process the purchase via Apple or Google. In return, buyers were given discounts. The reason for this is that Epic Games wanted to avoid the mandatory 30 percent levy on store operators.

Apple responded immediately and threw Fortnite out of its own store . Now Google has also followed suit and removed Fortnite from the Play Store. With this, Google also draws a clear line and is no exception to popular games like Fortnite. In the guidelines of Google , this limit is clear: “Developers offering products within a downloaded on Google Play the game, have the in-app billing for Google Play as a payment method to use,” it says.

For Fortnite it was a short guest appearance in the Google Play store. The game was only added to the store in April 2020 . Previously, it was only available for Android via direct download from Epic.

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