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End-to-end encryption should remain – Whatapps



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Simultaneous use of an account on several devices: Many have been waiting for this Whatsapp feature. Now Mark Zuckerberg and Whatsapp boss Will Cathcart have confirmed the function. There were rumors as early as 2019, the first concrete reports followed in March of last year and now it is official: In the future, it will be possible to use a Whatsapp account with several devices at the same time. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Whatsapp boss Will Cathcart confirmed in a chat with the Twitter account Wabetainfo that there will be a beta phase for the feature in the coming months.

Accordingly, it should be possible to access a WhatsApp account with up to four linked devices at the same time. So far, users, who switch from one device to another while using WhatsApp and log in there are automatically logged out on the device last used. The multi-device support of the messenger service should also be possible on iPads, as Whatsapp boss Will Cathcart confirmed.

End-to-end encryption should remain

So far, Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption in particular has caused delays in the development of multi-device use. The reason: With this type of encryption, messages are encrypted at the sender and decrypted again at the recipient. Only short-term storage takes place on the Whatsapp servers. This made it difficult to keep multiple devices in sync. Whatsapp has now apparently solved this problem.

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