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Emirates cancels all passenger flights



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Corona virus is a great outbreak all around the world.Fourteen hundred hours GMT which is six PM in the United Arab Emirates which is just announced a large stimulus plan to help ease the economic fallout from the corona virus. This is a big casualties while one of the world’s biggest airlines Emirates based in Dubai will suspend all passenger flights from Wednesday. they’ve just announced on their Twitter page twenty fifth of March twenty twenty Congo will continue. They call it a painful but pragmatic move.

There are limitations on travel anyway at the moment so all over the world. Coronavirus is transmitting through passengers. All the governments economic condition is in threatened but an airline the size of Emirates shutting down all its passenger operations is a huge step.

It shows us and this demonstrates again that no big airline is immune about the current crisis, it is the biggest crisis for aviation in history. No way but have to follow this painful trends to cancel flights throughout the world. It was canceling more flights in your region and in the Middle East, so it’s just the latest and has huge impact to other travel liners.  It’ll have a massive impact on people wanted, I’m just looking at the flight right out twenty four map which shows it saw its reach, I mean from Dubai to the rest of the world. A very big impact on a lot of people and hampering business. Absolutely that’s real, not the Middle East, especially the traffic flows all over the world globally over the last two years. So in Dubai and became one of the most important tops worldwide. Smaller airlines must be quite worried saying this sort of news coming from big airline.  The problem is we don’t know how long it will take and we have to expect the end of the crisis.

The decision of Emirates is timely and we feels that is absolutely correct. Will save the world for further transmission of disease.

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