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Elon Musk Meme Review



Elon Musk
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Elon Musk, one of the most powerful people in the world according to 2016 Forbes list of most influential people, owns so many companies as a founder, co-founder, and CEO. He recently appeared in a YouTube show of PewDiePie and reviewed for memes, the most awaited event of all time. Many of his fans were waiting for meme reviews from Elon musk and the wait get over in January. He co-reviewed various memes along with Justin Roiland, an American actor, producer, cartoonist, and games developer. We have covered the whole meme review story below:

Cover Story When Musk Reviewed Memes Accompanied By Roiland

During complete time of the show, so many memes were reviewed and the whole show was sprinkled with laughter as Musk and Roland funny commentary for each image coming in front.  They tell the audience the funny and taunting side of the story regarding each meme. Such as, in a meme where a deer image was shown laying in the pool with the caption “why my dolphin not working lol” they blast into laughter. Another meme that I would like to talk about here is in which Stuart little was shown with some guys in which one was sitting beside and staring at the tiny mouse. The meme had a caption, would you step on Stuart little for 18 billion dollars. At once, “Jeez is that true” came out of Musk’s mouth and the couple reviewer started laughing.

Results and Benefits of Elon Musk Meme Review for PewDiePie YouTube Channel

Well, the results were all positive. An Indian music company named T-series had most subscribers and appeared to be as true rivals of the PewDiePie. The company makes music and anyone who understands Urdu have subscribed to their channel for music. Also, as India and Pakistan are biggest companies of Asia, therefore, the subscribers for T-series are huge.

However, this meme review by Elon Musk was not just best from an entertainment point of view but also from the point of business. Right now, PewDiePie is leading T-series with 20,000 more subscribers. It is actually positive and according to sources, memes are now more famous than songs hence there are more chances that PewDiePie will remain able to keep this lead.

Bottom Line:

Well, memes are not just the reason for laughter but business as well for so many channels and companies. Moreover, according to research and psychology, members are the most creative people on earth that can offer you joy and laughter with a mix of sarcasm. It is said that memes will insult you and pull your leg without even notice. Besides this, everyone can be related to memes and jokes inside it. This is the reason, memes are getting famous and channels are making leaps and bounds progress due to this. Last but not least, if you want to enjoy the whole episode of meme review by Elon Musk, you can go to PewDiePie YouTube channel and check for episodes uploaded at the end of January.

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