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Einstein was an introverted person



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A good number of scientists were introverted and Einstein was one of them. His creativity was an outcome of his introverted nature. The working memory of introverts has greater capacity.

Give an introvert a pen and a few blank pages. And you would realize he is not less loud than an extrovert. An introvert is quite good in terms of creativity. They can think deeper about anything than other ordinary people. Their meditative ideas and thought consciousness are much deeper. Imagination is much more than ordinary people. Only they are reluctant to appear like ordinary people.

The world we live in has a lot of extroverts. Gatherings of such people can be seen in almost all places of office-court, roads, and houses. Such people love to talk and want to impose their views on others through argument. Introvert does not borrow all these arguments. Basically, they are hiding inside themselves.

The dislikes are probably from some extroverts who can’t solve problems by themselves and always need to ask other people to help them. Basically, introverts are bound to hide due to logical pressure and expressions of introverts. Einstein was an introvert. He suffered ridicule when he first proposed his ideas. But he “felt” it was right, kept on working, and waited for the world to catch up. Finally, these types of people get rewarded but in late.

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