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Ecar – Monitory benefit



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Many companies offer their employees e-cars as company cars. A new limit now applies to the taxation of pecuniary benefits. A look at the payroll can be worthwhile.

Company cars with an electric drive are taxed at a reduced rate if they are also used privately. For such vehicles, only a quarter of the gross new list price has to be set for the application of the so-called one percent rule.When using the logbook method, only a quarter of the acquisition or comparable rental or leasing costs are included in the total costs.The preferential taxation has now been expanded again: since the end of June it can be used for vehicles up to a gross list price of 60,000 euros. Previously it was 40,000 euros.

“The prerequisite, however, is that the vehicle was only made available to the employee for use for the first time on January 1, 2019,” As not only the wage tax burden but also the amount of social security contributions decrease for employees, the employer can also benefit from the increase in the limit to 60,000 euros. Irrespective of this, the employer is obliged to correct the monetary benefit.

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