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Ear otoscope camera



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Octoscope is a electronic tool by which you can see inside ear of you and your children for investigating infection inside ear. Among the tool, there is tiny flashlight and a magnifying glass to look inside better. Eardrum situated inside ear. The eardrum is a thin membrane that separates your ear canal (the part that is open to the outside) from your middle ear. There is tympanic membrane by which we can hear the sound through vibration. The human ear canal is about 35mm long, terminating at the eardrum A healthy eardrum  looks sort of clear and pinkish-gray. But if it is infected, it looks like red and swollen.

With better resolution, we can get better image. A full HD resolution is able to give a better and clear picture. Removal of air wax is easy with better picture. The octoscope need to go deep to ear canal.

The scope can be used for investigating family members’ ear, hair, skin, teeth and even for the animals. There may be Hearing Loss in the Time of Coronavirus. Better you can check yourself regularly with octoscope the color of eardrum.


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