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E-Scooter – Elmoto



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E-scooters are becoming essential for daily living. They are useful for performing day to day jobs. Gloves, the manufacturer of electric scooters, cooperates with Einhell, manufacturer of tools and garden tools. They bring an e-scooter to the market, which can be equipped with the universal power X-change batteries from Einhell. The idea is catching. Anyone who already owns one of the electric garden tools or tools of the Einhell brand already has one or more of the necessary Power X-Change batteries of the manufacturer in the house. The batteries are available in different capacities but always fit any device. At first, it seems obvious to buy an e-scooter that runs on the same battery system.

This is precisely the concept of the new Elmo to Kick of the Munich scooter manufacturer Govecs. Customers take any Power X Change battery and use it to power their e-scooter. The strongest Einhell battery delivers a voltage of 18 volts, a capacity of 5.2 amp hours and a power of 1,260 watts. It costs 99.95 euros.

Commercially available e-scooters are currently on the market with power outputs of 300 to 1,000 watts of motor power. The Elmoto kick here joins with a continuous power of 300 watts and a maximum power of 500 watts. With two simultaneously used 18-volt replaceable batteries, the scooter should travel up to 20 kilometers, negotiating inclines of up to ten degrees and reaching a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. The charging time depends on the used off-board charger but is typically two hours per battery.

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