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During COVID – Social and Economy



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COVID is pandemic and creating panic all around the world. President Donald Trump has deepened his red top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci overlooks the coronavirus restrictions saying they totally disagree on whether schools close. Some are telling that, it’s just not an acceptable answer especially when it comes to school before Senate committee hearing. Fell to warn that easing lock-down stretches very early. Donald trump’s claims that infection rates are declining across the nation states like Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky have been hit hard by the virus.

Despite that the US is forging ahead with President Donald trump’s Middle East peace plan, secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a flash visit to Israel to reinvigorate talks. U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrived in Israel appropriately attired socially distance meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s. This trip to the country is the first by any foreign officials since January. Top of the agenda for the surprise visit is thought to have been the country stated intention to annex parts of the west bank. Palestinians would have limited stated contingent on the list of stringent requirements while Israel would annex of thirty percent of the west bank. Palestinians have rejected the plug.

Spanish police have cracked in international smuggling ring. They accused of moving KK authorities say the group confused the drug into combo boxes. A French farmer from the east of the country has been cleared of charges that he helped migrants enter the country illegally. The cost of the man’s actions were a question.

It is a quiet morning in August, maybe two thousand years ago what happened over the coming out in should that the ancient Roman city of Pompeii? We must not be forgotten as it was a great disaster. It was the world’s most famous volcanic tragedy, now the city is ready for visit, we are often not found closure and it’s offering up new secrets online.  Roman times previously closed off areas will give visitors more space and some need to see the recent reports. How some houses with gardens open spaces looks so beautiful? We need to look on recent Pompeii.

 World Health Organization says finding a way to overcome the coronavirus will take more time than anyone is predicted. In a short sense, it will take time. We’re going to be on that pathway for a long long time and as we’ve seen in some countries even a small. Recurrence of disease controls and the need for a serious response in terms of the public health response. Though trump takes aim at his infectious diseases experts branding his comments about lifting restrictions as acceptable. World Health Organization is issued a stark warning the new coronavirus may never be fully eradicated instead of waiting for a vaccine by the U. N. Agency says communities should focus on reducing and monitoring transmission and government should act quickly at the first sign the disease is coming back. There’s a long long way to go.   We need to be clear about that countries as you’ve seen or trying to find a path. It was on a path towards the new normal.

European Union officials appear to be taking that advice on board proposing a face lifting of folders within the block the plan is to be struggling economies without reigniting the pandemic.  Deserted beaches at the hotel so close thresholds tourism of independent make it’s not a good mix the sector. It is a fact that accounts for ten percent of the European economy is coming from Tourism.

Kick starting struggling economies have been behind the drive to get people back to work across Europe. Many are eating that’s not the devolved countries where people are still being told to stay at home. Commute to work but was very degrees of success in social distancing. The U. K. is headed for a significant recession, says its finance minister.

Actually people all returning to work, but It would say you can sense particularly during rush hours hold this trend alright and all the way through real tension until a permanent solution.