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Do not take thing personally



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She looked up and saw an old man standing in front. He is wearing his trademark orange coat while holding several books on one side and some coffee cups placed next towards him. Once upon a time, I had a quarrel with him for a personal matter. In a meeting with her, feel hurt, neglected, offended, betrayed by him. But I was calm with his attitude, seeing the positive intention of the other one requires a lot of discipline and training. Not only physically, but also mentally.

As a child, I was bullied frequently. They used to say mean things about me and even though I didn’t want to I took them to my heart every time. For a few years, I just used to take things personally what my family said my peers said what everyone said when it wasn’t even about me. During this covid period the more I got some alone time from all these people I began to know the other person’s point of view, I got a break from finding the things to take personally went straight-on looking for someone else’s problem.

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