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Digitalization of insurance



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Digitalization is a current Global Trend and one of the companies in Germany named auto Nova introduced a fast health digital insurance system. They offer various services and guiding the people for choosing the right Health Insurance process. They are also introducing short courses in health insurance.

 German is one country where Health Insurance is compulsory. Everyone should have insurance. Anyone who is earning less than Euro 62550 must-have and health insurance. there is also the type of insurance among the least you need to choose from the list. There are some people who are self-employed and maybe their annual earning is more than Euro 62550 options are there they can choose their own Health Insurance. Normally if the earning is high you also need to pay over among the Private Health insurance companies you can choose your desired package to save your health insurance. Normally Health Insurance has two types of plans: a conventional plan and an optional plan from there you can choose your health policy. It is suggested whenever you are, whenever you take Health Insurance you must compare the insurance with others. as such your justification price of the policy can be verified. The monthly health Insurance premium is where the policy of the duration of the payment and type of health insurance. it can start from dollar 110 very up $2 462 depends on the policy. Somebody in the 21st century feels that they are healthy and now and don’t require Health Insurance. but the fact is no disease cannot predict that when anybody is affected. The aging process you also continue we are doing every day is a job going to office coming to the home driving car we have stress we have anxiety and we have a lot of other factors to live in this world. Show the best is it is essential for everyone to take a Health Insurance maybe I at present women it sounds that no need of issuance but in the course of time if there is any happening then there may be e some inner burning that weather in proper time we have not done the insurance. we are civilized and we must take any issuance to protect our health in our family in a better way.

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