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Digital sector during COVID



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The Asian development bank estimates that the global economy could lose $ 8.8 trillion as a result of the corona crisis. A lot of people in the USA are jobless. The business of all the world is declined and will not open and stable very soon.

But not all companies lose – some players in the digital economy are particularly in demand during the crisis. It was not only the entertainment world but also the logistic world.  Apple will introduce a redesign of its high-end smartphone in September 2020. Details of the design and equipment of the new Apple flagships have now become known for the first time –  iPhone 12 is a great way to become popular. Online learning has become a popular platform and Zoom is one of them. Facebook messenger is also gaining popularity. Demand in freelancing has increased. E-commerce played a very nice role in COVID. The delivery man worked hard and supply chain management was in tough pressure. Netflix’s revenue is still high. Social media has faced massive traffic. Telecommunication was booming also. There was a lot of pressure on data transmission.

We feel that the next world is digital media and the digital economy. The online presence of all business will be boom. Various apps will be developed to cover up such types of crises in the future. The rush hour of the street will be reduced and some of the talented people will do work from home. The environment will be clean and the world will be balanced naturally.

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