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Digital identity for EU



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In the European Union, all citizens should in the future be able to use a digital identity. The European Commission has made a proposal for the so-called EUid. Platforms like Facebook or Twitter should be obliged to accept this identity.

Digital wallet

According to the Commission’s proposal, citizens should be able to electronically pass on documents via a wallet. A digital ID should also be included so that a click on the mobile phone is all it takes to prove identity. Via the wallet, the national identity is to be linked to other evidence, such as a driver’s license, diploma, or bank account. Users should be able to see which data and certificates have been passed on to whom. This should give them more control over their data.

Central login service

With the digital identity, it should be possible to log in to a wide variety of services, for example for digital administrative procedures, but also for checks at the airport or renting a car. “Very large platforms” should be obliged to accept the EU as a login.

The basic structure should be in place by 2022

The Member States are responsible for development. They have to recognize a national service that both public authorities and private institutions can develop. Next, the European Parliament and the Member States will discuss the proposal. According to a recommendation by the Commission, the states should already think about implementation: by September 2022 they should develop a technical architecture, standards, and guidelines. In EU countries like Estonia, digital identity and associated services have been part of everyday life for years. In Germany, it should be possible from September to use the identity card on the smartphone.

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