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Anyone who has ever founded a company or is about to do so knows how time-consuming it is. Commercial register entries, notaries, bank accounts and the paperwork with the authorities make setting up a company a two-week affair . The example from Estonia shows how things can be done in a maximum of two days.n the small Nordic EU country with just 1.3 million inhabitants, setting up a company is digital. Just like entering the commercial register, registering a bank account, reporting to all the necessary authorities and all that – without leaving your home or even in Estonia! How did Estonia manage what is still associated with a lot of paper, waiting times and costs in Germany? Full digitization, interoperability and a little pressure.

That emerged after the fall of the USSR, when the country sovereignty split off from the former Cold War player. Estonia was facing the mammoth task of restructuring the country, especially in terms of bureaucracy. The incredibly complex processes of the previous decades were no longer an option for a fresh start, so the country began to collect the data of its citizens centrally and accessible to the authorities.This interoperability platform called X-Road has since made it possible to exchange data from citizens, companies and authorities between all parties. This principle, which the Federal Government of Germany is laboriously implementing, was introduced in Estonia around 19 years ago.It created the basis for paperless income tax returns that can be completed in three minutes from a smartphone; for e-voting, also from a smartphone, and for the completion of banking transactions, new vehicle registrations, the electronic patient file and almost all administrative procedures, including founding a company.

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